A new luxury destination perfectly inserted in the Alpine habitat. The peculiarity of Manna Resort? From South Tyrol it allows you to go around (among the suggestions) around the world

Around the world. Not in 80 days like in Jules Verne's novel but in 15 suites, 3 chalets, 4 restaurants, an orangery - jardin d’hiver and a spa. It is the Manna Resort, a new luxury facility dedicated to ' 5-star hospitality in Doladizza/Montagna, a few kilometers from Bolzano.

An impressive yet minimal architecture - mimetic - developed horizontally, designed by Klaus Gummerer of the studio Pichler Architects who, with Enrico Moretti of Moretti Interiors, has realized the dream of Maria Luisa Manna: to create a cosmopolitan resort - with oriental echoes - but in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape, according to a low environmental impact project that uses copper, brass, wood and stone local.

Sensory path

For the South Tyrolean resort, Starpool, a company specialized in solutions dedicated to well-being located in the (nearby) Val di Fiemme, has created, based on the design of the designers, a sensory path that regenerates and relaxes body and mind thanks to environments in which the contrasts : hot and cold, humid and dry.

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From old sawmill to theme suites

Born on the ashes of an old sawmill, the Manna Resort rises on the slopes of the Monte Corno Natural Park, where the rhythm flows slowly to transmit energy, balance, peace. The main structure, with grassy roofs, houses the real peculiarity of Manna: the thematic rooms. Africa, Japan, Russia, Arabia, Lapland, France, Sweden are just some of the 15 locations that define as many suites and junior suites in the resort. Outside, overlooking the bio-pool, there are three chalets equipped with a private sauna, for absolute privacy.

Passion for travel

The thematic suites are born from a strong passion, that for travel. Each environment, each room, each room is different: it reflects the vision of hospitality - and the strong vocation for the well-being of body and spirit - by Maria Luisa Manna, owner of the resort, who over the years has collected objects, fabrics and furnishings from every continent. At Manna you go around the world immersing yourself in exotic or arctic atmospheres, from the Masai masks of Africa to the elk antlers of Lapland, from metropolitan New York moods to Middle Eastern preciousness up to Thailand , primary source of inspiration for spa.

A sanctuary for body and spirit

Black and golden shades, perfumed essences, details that evoke oriental spirituality: in the spa begins a further journey - interior - at the root of well-being, interwoven with lights and perfumes, colors and melodies that evoke the magic of a country, Thailand, which by its very nature is a sanctuary for body and spirit.

The spa: pure well-being between East and West

The spa is a source of pure well-being: the enveloping design, the sinuous surfaces and the intense colors reflect a project oriented towards contact with nature, and (therefore) health. The rooms ideally open to the outside thanks to the large windows that seem to dematerialize the border between the interiors and the greenery, while furnishing elements and refined details create a fascinating combination of Western traditions and oriental.

To compose the beneficial path dedicated spaces: Finnish sauna, soft sauna, steam bath, Mediterranean bath, preparation showers and reaction showers, indoor and outdoor pools, a small bathing bio-pool, large elegant relaxation areas and silent and a refreshment with herbal tea.

Tailor made wellness products by Starpool

Among the Starpool products, all custom-made, stand out Classic Finnish Sauna Eclipse model, the Finnish sauna in savu fir; Classic Soft Sauna Executive model, in Hemlock; Sweet Steam Room, the steam bath in the Crystal White version; Sweet Mediterranean Bath equipped with benches in Black Solid Surface and gold color on crystal covering.

After the heat, cold reactions are fundamental: the showers and the Shower One which offers different solutions such as the cold mist with mint, the cold storm flavored with Scots pine and the blade cold, enclosed in niches with dark walls, and the waterfall of ice, whose crystals are illuminated by a blue LED light to reflect the glow on the walls.

Thai treatments, massages and rituals

The guests are guided by the Spa Manager Mariacristina Paris, a profound connoisseur of the healthy virtues of water and the alternation between hot and cold. The spa is completed with a large area dedicated to massages, operated by the beauty team, part of which comes from Thailand, in particular the therapists, experts in rituals thai and specific treatments that combine modern technologies with ancient traditions . Within the beauty area, among the spaces dedicated to treatments, the Nuvola by Starpool emerges which offers an unprecedented dry floatation.

The private dimension of wellness

The spa 'continues' - in a regenerating but intimate dimension - in three suites and in the three chalets which are equipped with a Soul Sauna, transforming so in private spa for the exclusive use of the guest, in full privacy and security.

Health: safety...

The Manna Resort spa also uses Starpool's Deepclean Software which eliminates impurities and pathogens for a debacterization greater than 95% and sanitization deep without using additional products.

... and medicine

Finally, the spa works in synergy with Manna Medical, the medical center reachable with a short walk in the garden. Here Dr. Anton Obrist, following the principles of F.X.Mayr treatment, offers individual therapies tailored to the patient: holistic health paths, to purify and strengthen the body and experience a healthy lifestyle.