Organic, dreamlike and total pink, the new concept store of the Moco Museum in Barcelona from a digital project becomes a physical – tangible – space created by the Six N. Five studio in collaboration with Isern Serra

Real transposition of a virtual concept, opened the concept store of Moco Museum Barcelona, first permanent physical space designed by Six N. Five, art studio by Ezequiel Pini specialized in visions of digital imaginary through NFTs, in collaboration with the interior designer Isern Serra.

Thus was born, in a tangible way, a dream world , accessible and stimulating, immersive and inclusive, soft in the round lines and in the pastel pink tones that goes from digital to real to host a carefully selected collection of sustainable products and artworks  in limited edition signed by modern and contemporary artists.

A research on the border between art and design, digital and real

The creation of the Moco Concept Store represents a significant step in the research conducted by Six N. Five since its foundation in 2014. If curiosity is the starting point of the study to explore multiple disciplines, on the border between art and design, digital and real, the a challenge was to combine the purpose of store with real architecture, remaining faithful to the virtual imaginary originally conceived.

Dreamlike landscapes lined with pastel shades

Thanks to the most advanced technologies, the studio creates, investigates and experiments through images and videos, virtual reality and physical objects, design and architecture. Six N. Five uses constantly evolving digital means and CGI (computer-generated imagery) to create soft and minimal surreal environments: dreamlike landscapes permeated with relaxing and lined atmospheres of pastel shades, soft yet vivid, inconceivable architectures.

The Moco Museum explores the most avant-garde forms of artistic expression

Based in Amsterdam and Barcelona , the Moco Museum is an innovative and inclusive place dedicated to modern and contemporary art: exhibits works by masters such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, but also by young emerging artists such as JR, OsGemeos, Icy & Sot, Stik and Banksy.

Evolution from digital space to physical place

The collaboration between the Moco Museum and Six N. Five began at Art Basel 2022 last June, when the museum asked the studio to collaborate on the design of the NetJets Collectors Lounge, the first example of the evolution of a digital space into a physical place. In addition to custom-made furniture and collectibles, the studio exhibited important works of ' digital art to give the environment a futuristic perspective.

A stimulating and inclusive place, real but also unreal

The Moco Concept Store starts from the same singular idea behind the NetJets Lounge but with distinct characteristics due to its different function. The concept envisaged the construction of a commercial space that would at the same time return the mission of the museum : a place therefore stimulating and inclusive that would make art accessible to all.

Turning digital ideas and components into tangible realities

The Six N. Five studio has thus collaborated with Isern Serra to transform ideas and digital components into tangible realities. The result is an experiential environment, both real and unreal.