In the Mediterranean and sunny Porto Cervo, the new Modes store designed by Gonzalez Haase AAS amazes with its geometric volumes, metallic flashes and cold North Sea tones lit by splashes of color. Between references to Memphis and spatial suggestions

The new Modes store on three levels that recently opened on the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo has an unexpected look minimal and sophisticated, retro and futuristic at the same time. The project, with simple, soft and versatile geometries, is signed by the Berlin-based studio Gonzalez Haase AAS. And it looks like a design gallery.

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The multi-brand of the fashion sector has provided the AAS studio carte blanche (or almost) to set up the 315 square meters but above all to create an immersive shopping experience.

“The space for Modes in Porto Cervo is located in a village-like where constructions are staked one over the others to form a 'presque' village appearance explains Pierre Jorge Gonzalez, AAS co-founder. “The store takes over three floors, very different in shapes and size, all connected by stairs. AAS approached this unique space by building up a weather-like layer over the whole shell. Made of a perfect neutral grey, it covers all interiors including floors, walls, doors, windows and everything attached.

Part of this layer is a strong uniform lighting suspended near the ceiling and forming a very regular pattern. Cold as in winter in the North Sea, the light seems to contradict what could be expected in such a climate and resort.

As in an art gallery, the pointed and precise beam of light allows you to perceive the materiality of the colors, while the metal fiber curtains that divide and enliven the showroom light up with glows, making the perception of space dynamic.


In a succession of large volumes with geometric and sinuous lines, each block/display becomes a sort of floating shape that gives a defined and distinguishable identity to the space, while allowing the creation of versatile solutions for different display needs.

The concept of the new Modes store in Porto Cervo plays with contrasts, between metallic surfaces and colored garments, between cold lights and a (decidedly) sunny context, between references to the Eighties in Memphis and futuristic inspirations.

“Modes is partnering up with Gonzalez Haase AAS, fostering our idea of merging unique locations like Porto Cervo and visual arts, translated into space concepts that become experiences” explains Aldo Carpinteri, Modes founder and CEO.