Everything in the new QC Termegarda wellness resort speaks of a place devoted to well-being. Even the color palette, specifically designed thanks to Boero color tools to meet the needs of relaxation and technical quality

Where to book for a long weekend this autumn-winter? Among the new wellness destinations for 2023 there is also QC Termegarda, the twelfth structure of the group specialized in spa centres, wellness and wellness hotels.

Nestled among the hills of Lake Garda in Calvagese della Riviera, in the province of Brescia, it is a 5-star resort, which houses 78 comfortable rooms in total and stands on a Renaissance residence from 15th centuryinside which, naturally, the wellness center at the heart of the destination is kept.

How to design an environment devoted to well-being

At QC Termegarda everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, just as those who choose to get away from home for a few days break like. The lighting project, the furnishings and the color palette are the bases on which the Group's technical studio developed the mood of the interiors.

The shades of the different areas - from the rooms to the relaxation areas - in particular, have been identified to maximize the wellness experience, regenerating the mind and body. Because even colour, as we know, plays a fundamental role when it comes to relaxation and rest.

Boero knows this well, a master in the study and creation of painting solutions for constructionand point of reference for architecture professionals, who collaborated with QC Termegarda to elevate the project to a place in which not only to take refuge but also to ensure balanced stimuli of relaxation and comfort.

QC Termegarda: the color project

The protagonist of the entire QC Termegarda project is the new collection 1831 – The Italian color by Boero, a complete and proprietary system with which the team of professionals was able to best express the needs of the place, i.e. relaxation and welcome. The new color collection has been designed to allow planners, architects and interior designers to express their personality through colour.

After an initial phase of analysis and consultancy by Boero experts, a palette with intense and deep tones was identified and applied, capable of creating an interesting strong>connection with the territoryand the surrounding nature. The desire was also to keep alive the deep connection with the roots of the place, which in itself tells a lot about its origins.

The specificity of application for places of well-being

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is always necessary to consider the intended use of the place of application, especially when it comes to such specific areas and in which the humidity levelcan affect the quality of the application. In the case of QC Termegarda, Boero worked on the ground floor of the spa, the changing rooms, the relaxation rooms, the gym, the new massage lounges on the 1st floor and the wooden windows of the entire structure.

The project, which involved a total area of 3,000 m2, was entrusted to the experience and professionalism of Massimo Caglioni, owner of the artisan enterpriseC.M. Color Srlswhich has been operating in all painting sectors for 50 years.

For the choice and supply of the Boero products best suited to the needs of the project, the Centro del Colore of Capriate San Gervasio, Boero's commercial partner, with over 45 years of experience and point of reference for professionals in the sector of which C.M. Color Srls is a loyal customer.

In fact, after analyzing the surfaces and the context, quality materials were selected, formulated to simplify the laying operations and ensure excellent results and maximum durability over time.

In particular, in the upper parts of the rooms which are characterized by greater humidity and the risk of mould, Aquabel Anti-mold, a breathable paint, was used opaque, water-repellent and formulated with specific additives with a broad spectrum of action, which help prevent the formation of mould, fungi and algae over time.

Easy to apply, it is particularly suitable for painting environments subject to high humidity and condensation. In addition to being compliant with the UNI EN 15457 standard (resistance to fungal growth), Aquabel Antimuffa is equipped with an "A+" class IAQ Indoor Air Quality certificate.

For the low walls of the structure with particular need to maintain a high level of hygiene and particularly exposed to wear due to the high passage of people, Magnum Muri Opaco was chosen: a water-based wall enamel, characterized by low dirt pick-up, which offers excellent resistance to washing and can also be painted in strong, high coverage colours, capable of creating spaces with a high aesthetic impact.

Both products have EPD® environmental certification and formaldehyde free (lower than the instrumental detection threshold limits and not intentionally added).