Housed in an elegant early twentieth century building, the new - eclectic - hotel designed by Daniela Colli opens up to the city, celebrating the changing light of the Capitoline sky in the hour of twilight

A permeable place, open to the city, designed to offer widespread conviviality, while a mottled sky that turns purple at sunset overlooks it. The protagonist is light, which sculpts the neoclassical facades, designs spaces, bathes and inflames with iridescent refractions, shiny surfaces and vivid colors.

We were in Rome, at Orazio Palace, to visit the new hotel of the 4L Collection hotel opened this summer in Prati, a district configured in a orderly geometric scan of streets embellished with nineteenth-century buildings and Art Nouveau villas.

The project of interior design curated by the studio ColliDanielArchitetto shines at its peak: in the rooftop with a gourmet restaurant housed in a transparent display case around which it unfolds a spectacular terrace that looks like a living room an plein air, as the Roman tradition dictates. With a 360° view, from up there you can embrace the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, Castel Sant’Angelo, a large part of the historic center up to the hills that frame the Eternal City in a single glance.

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The light of Rome extolled by literature

With each window in the room I had my personal relationship according to the sunset. Ah, the light of the sun, its descent to us, but goodness, how can we bear so much beauty? (…) This inundation of beauty distorts your soul (…)” writes Manuel Vilas, Spanish poet and narrator, in the short story Bella Roma published in La Lettura - Corriere della Sera of 7 November 2021. And The light that entered my apartment was brutal. I could call her God, or Mary, or Elvis Presley, or Joan of Arc. But it was only light. Sometimes I had the feeling of living right in heaven”.

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The mottled and iridescent Capitoline sky at dusk

The hotel was conceived to be a tribute - an ode - in the light of Rome, which has always been celebrated by artists and filmmakers from all over the world, at the time of twilight. It is a clear, golden light that defines contrast, contour and plasticity, enhancing shapes and materials with saturated colors explains Daniela Colli, owner of the Roman design studio specializing in eclectic hospitality projects that stand out for their precious surfaces on which metal details and bright chromatic brushstrokes are grafted. The project celebrates the changing nature of the Capitoline sky in the magical hour of twilight.

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The convivial spaces open to the whole city

Spread over an area of 4,000 square meters spread over 9 floors, Orazio Palace has 65 rooms, including 6 suites, as well as various spaces dedicated to sociality - hall, library, lobby bar, garden, gym, rooftop Ozio restaurant and sky lounge bar - open not only to hotel guests but to the whole city.

Thus was born a place for meeting, work, exchange and gourmet experiences but above all an opportunity to rediscover Rome to those who already live and know it: an invitation to feel architecture again, the distinctive shades and the unmistakable images of a beauty crystallized over time.

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The neoclassical building preserves and opens up to a contemporary concept of hospitality

Made plastic by light, the neoclassical profiles of the facades of the elegant building from the early twentieth century enclose and at the same time open fluidly, inviting spaces devoted to aggregation. All the rooms, each with its own specific identity, are welcoming and usable to give tourists but also citizens a contemporary concept of hospitality that is not limited to overnight accommodation but provides services widespread, to work, eat, take care of oneself or even just be together.

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Precious surfaces lit by vitamin colors

In the hotel rooms, the monochromatic surfaces are enhanced by the contrast with touches of bright colors: from peony pink to acid green, from Electric Orange to Blue Klein. The marked, eclectic and cosmopolitan personality of the Orazio Palace is emphasized by the precious materials, the furnishings with a tailored cut and careful details, made by skilled hands artisans.

Design companies

Many design companies involved, even for custom projects: from Tarkett and the brands of Iris Ceramica Group for floors at Glamora and Vescom for wall coverings, with indoor Calligaris, Pedrali, Miji, Miniform and outdoor furnishings Talenti and Vermobil to the surfaces of the furniture Ceramiche Vogue and Dekton by Cosentino , with lighting iGuzzini, Panzeri and Tom Dixon up to the equipment for the Technogym gym.

The Ozio restaurant in a glass case, between peony pink and acid green

On the seventh floor, a large glazed volume with a perimeter terrace houses the Ozio restaurant, with a contemporary style and vivid shades, set up with linear sofas in acid green velvet that stand out against the walls panels in peony pink back-painted glass. Calligaris chairs covered in floral velvet alternate with others with Vienna straw backs around glass tables illuminated by Panzeri circular suspensions in satin brass.

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The intimate library and the checkerboard courtyard-garden

If the library, declined in a palette of neutral colors, suggests intimacy and promotes concentration, for informal meetings as well as for reading, in the courtyard, the garden with walls covered with a cascade of fragrant jasmine gives an unexpected visual game: from above the contrast between the square pattern stands out - with a checkerboard effect - of the FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti porcelain stoneware floor and the circular furniture in orange steel rod by Vermobil.

The majestic hall subverts codes and proportions

In the hall, the double height is emphasized by a scenographic chandelier created ad hoc by composing macro brass rings and large plants. The wall leading to the lobby bar is entirely covered with Glamora Vertigo multicolor wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect. Here, as if presiding over the entrance, two imperious velvet armchairs amaze by subverting the proportions of the classic seat in an ironic way.

The total metal black lobby bar lit up by patches of bright orange

Immersive environment with a mysterious charm, the dark and glossy monochromatic lobby bar is illuminated by textured wallpaper, chromed metals and engraved mirrors, interrupted by glimpses of bright orange velvet seats by Calligaris and Midj, with custom furnishings, soft lighting by iGuzzini and appliqués by Tom Dixon that create hypnotic plays of light.

Rooms and suites with Blue Klein points

Linear style, comfort and refinement of materials and textures distinguish the suites. For the rooms, Daniela Colli's studio has defined environments of neutral tones and international appeal with tailor-made furnishings with fine details: sofas and seats in Blue Klein, desks and bedside tables with tops in recomposed Dekton marble by Cosentino up to the lamps in macro and micro scale that with their chrome titanium caps envelop the spaces in a soft light.

The sky lounge bar: the apex of a tale imbued with light

On the eighth and top floor the sky lounge bar, guarded like a jewel by completely transparent glass plates that open fluidly to the immensity at a loss of the surrounding landscape, it is configured as a wonderful living an plein air. A scenario that looks like a movie set.

Sitting on purple metal chairs by Vermobil or on comfortable sofas and armchairs in woven gray rope from the Rope collection by Talenti, here animated by peony pink cushions, you can enjoy - be bewitched - by the beauty of Rome which, impregnated with light, stands out against the changing sky background.

What is staged at the Orazio Palace is a story woven of light.