Design solutions and practical advice to restore order and harmony to the wardrobe area. By committing to eliminate the superfluous, in the name of less is more

Generally, when it comes to tackling the change of season and rearranging clothes, shoes and accessories, the will is always lacking. But then, one step at a time, the satisfaction this domestic ritual gives is great.

Because the change of season often represents the perfect opportunity to get rid of what you no longer use, but also to do a more than necessary thorough cleaning of the wardrobes, armed with detergents and anti-aging products. moths.

Here are the design solutions and practical strategies for organizing the wardrobe area at the end of summer.

Closets in order and in harmony: from shelves to tone-on-tone boxes

According to interior architect Alice Truant, "updating wardrobes can be considered a real mindfulness therapy, which helps us make room for the new season, saying goodbye to the one about to close".

But what are the essential requirements of a well-organized and aesthetically harmonious wardrobe department?

"The wardrobe was born as a space dedicated to order, even if not always like this and, indeed, precisely because it is equipped with closable doors, there are those who tend to fill it to excess, with the consequence that inside it reigns the case .

The design of an organized wardrobe should pay great attention to the study and variety of internal compartments.

If possible, I recommend designing numerous drawers and shelves, without forgetting a vertical space dedicated to trousers and coats, to be hung on hangers of the same material and the same colour, to create a first, important sense of harmony and aesthetic rigour.

Further storage elements may be useful, above all the classic boxes covered in washable fabric, for storing hats, bags and tote bags. Again, investing in a collection of boxes of the same color and material is equivalent to achieving an effortlessly tidy effect".

And if the wardrobe is mini size, how to keep everything in its place?

"First move: replace wooden hangers with metal models, featherweight and much less bulky.

In this case, the wardrobe can be organized by hanging the clothes in front, perhaps by thinking of a double height clothes hanger , which can be reached more easily with practical latches.

For everyone: take advantage of the change of season to clean up what – objectively – has been lying unused in your wardrobes for years, if not centuries. After that, you will feel much better, lighter."

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Never neglect the lighting of the wardrobe area: it makes the difference

"The requirement of technical lighting in the wardrobe area is too often overlooked, yet a specially designed lighting system is bound to make the difference.

Outside the wardrobes I suggest the use of strong and adjustable spotlights. The internal equipment, on the other hand, can be treated with warmer and softer lights, for example LEDs under the top , positioned under the internal shelves, or spotlights with an adequate number of lumens, never excessive.

If you don't have an electrical outlet nearby, don't panic: today there are practical battery-operated lights that turn on automatically when the door is opened.

What is certain is that a well-lit wardrobe will help you keep it tidy in the months to come. Before the next season change."