Spring, time to lighten the domestic setting. From textiles to furnishing accessories, without forgetting the color choices, here's how to make a happy transition to your summer home

Suddenly the heat broke out and heavy, opaque carpets and curtains, wool blankets and voluminous duvets became too many elements.

It happens, with the changes of season, that you suddenly feel pervaded by the desire to renovate domestic spaces.

And when spring explodes, the first thought is only one: lightening the interior, bringing into play featherweight fabrics, favoring a pleasant sense of airiness in the rooms and, also, replacing the deep and dark colors with light and bright nuances, exuding carefreeness. Let's move straight to the practical action.

The ABCs of lightening the house in spring

Goodbye winter, welcome spring. The coziness factor must obviously remain a cornerstone in domestic spaces, but during the summer, domestic intimacy is all about the (winning) combination of light fabrics and colours.

First of all, it is advisable to take wool carpets, curtains and heavy bedspreads to the dry cleaners, as well as obviously the set of throws and duvets, having everything returned washed and perfumed, possibly in a practical vacuum-packed, for ultra-functional storage.

At this point you can introduce thin curtains made of cotton or a cotton and viscose blend into domestic spaces, the kind that let sunlight gently filter through, allowing you to see what is happening outside, while creating a bubble of privacy.

You can never go wrong with white (cream, ivory, milk), but shades of light blue, mint green and lilac also work very well this season.

Soft colours of good humor, which do not take away the splendid brightness typical of spring from the rooms. As long as you don't overdo it with matchy-matchy, the choice to coordinate the colors of the various textile elements always works, for example by choosing the same nuances for curtains and carpets or curtains and bedspreads/sofa covers.

Speaking of carpets, instead of the warm and thick ones of winter, enjoy the beach house effect that practical mats in natural fibers, for example jute and coconut , they give, inviting you to walk barefoot and anticipating the beach test.

Style updates

We're not crazy enough to tell you to replace your furniture just because it's spring. However, some interior decoration updates can make the difference. You can, for example,replace the entire set of plates, glasses and tablecloths, choosing table accessories with a clear spring inspiration, for example with floral patterns, jungle style or in soft pastel colours.

The idea of renewing the various furnishing accessories is excellent, from the cushion covers in the living room to the towels in the toilet area, always relying on the winning pair of light fabrics and light colours.

Spring is also the perfect season to dedicate yourself to a healthy decluttering operation. Once upon a time it was called cleaners, but the concept is always the same: getting rid of the superfluous, clearing the rooms of what is redundant and, trivially, of what suffocates the spaces and you no longer like. Give away what is still in good condition, take to the landfill what objectively needs to be scrapped.