From inspirations for decorating the table to practical advice for making the living area as functional and comfortable as possible

Christmas lunch: here we go! If this year you are in charge of managing this long-awaited event, it is likely that you have already got into the swing of things, overwhelmed by the infinite tasks collected in the to do list dedicated to the big reunion.

Don't panic: we asked an expert to share advice, ideas and strategies for setting up a stress-free Christmas lunch. As? Embracing the philosophy of 'less is more' and finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Let's go!

Yes to a cheerfully informal Christmas lunch

As the interior architect Alice Truant explains, «the 2023 Christmas lunch celebrates the casual and informal style, which – be careful – does not mean neglecting the elegance of the details , but simply choose a more relaxed approach to preparing the table and dishes.

In this sense, standing lunches are welcome, with a table set up as a buffet, and all around a series of comfortable stations for gathering at will.

Such a Christmas lunch primarily overcomes the reduced space (typical of many apartments today), not to mention that the preparation phase will be much more agile and streamlined".

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Candles, lights and fairy lights

What matters is making the most of the environment on the day when you gather family and friends. «The first strategy to create an enveloping and magical atmosphere consists in taking care of the lighting, making it as joyful and warm as possible.

Instead of classic direct ceiling lights, it is better to arrange different light points in the living room, using spotlights facing the walls, reading lamps and lamps.

Run strings of colored lights on shelves, shelves and console furniture and don't miss candles and lanterns, for a Scandinavian-cozy style dining room.

Pay attention to the use of colours: for candles and lanterns, avoid a mix and match of nuances, in favor of one or two Christmas colours, above all white and red. In this way you will obtain a refined and, at the same time, impactful play of lights and colours."

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Small details that make the difference

Eyes focused on the table set alone. How to enhance it? A cheerful red fabric tablecloth or one with a tartan pattern create the conditions for the perfect classic mise en place, to be accompanied by essential touches of shimmering gold, for example by placing candelabras and glass balls sprinkled with golden stars.

With a snow white tablecloth combined with bright silver accessories, preferably with essential and graphic lines, you will recreate a more Nordic and modern mood.

Bring nature into the home and decorate windows, shelves and consoles with garlands created from small pine cones, pine and fir sprigs, red berries and moss.

If your Christmas lunch sees a large number of children among the guests, think about their happiness by adding some figurative icons of Christmas to the various decorations, from the beloved reindeer to Santa Claus, from mega teddy bears to British-style toy soldiers. Remember never to get carried away with the quantity of Christmas objects: it is better to choose few, but high quality items." And the dream of Christmas was served.

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