Pininfarina Architecture designs an interactive environment for the Novem Interior World in Vorbach

How does light affect humans? Novem's new Interior World in Vorbach, Bavaria, was created to answer this question. Thanks to an innovative architecture designed by Pininfarina, the German car interior manufacturer can now present an interactive environment in which visitors can experience an on-board experience shaped by light.

Light is the absolute protagonist of the project, shaping the experience inside the car both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The architectural concept is therefore based on flows of light that guide visitors into the Experience Center and on the use of simple and essential materials such as glass, aimed at emphasizing the role of light. The dynamic forms guide the visitor through a journey organized in six different areas that allow the discovery of materials and their potential, leveraging new technologies to imagine the future.

"Translating values ​​within a new design language is the main challenge we face in every project," says Paolo Pininfarina, president of the Group. "Sharing a common background in car design has allowed us to establish a strong harmony with Novem, leading us to recreate the experience felt inside a car through the interiors of a building".

"Pininfarina is known for creating elegantly designed concepts that integrate state-of-the-art engineering solutions," explain Günter Brenner and Johannes Burtscher, board members of Novem. "The architecture, finishes and materials used are unique and allow our customers to perceive and experience the strength of our innovations."