Restaurant, bar, flower shop and much more, La Ménagère has reopened its doors in Florence. The restyling by Claudio Nardi redesigns the idea of conviviality, while maintaining the feeling of alienating wonder

Since it was configured as we know it today, in 2015 , the first sensation that every guest feels when crossing the threshold of La Ménagère 1896 in Florence is an alienating wonder. A place of places - restaurant, cocktail bar, but also a meeting, work and shopping space, especially floral - with a creative fervor but with a relaxing soul, which reopened its doors last November with new distinctive but interconnected spaces, a renewed layout and a new idea of conviviality, the result of the restyling project curated by the architect Claudio Nardi.

History and the future

With a history deeply rooted in Florentine life, La Ménagère, which opened in 1896 as a shop for refined household items and accessories, has evolved over the years as a multifunctional venue. Now, the owner, the Manfredi family , has decided to tackle the complex market scenario that has emerged with the pandemic by taking a further step forward. It reopens now, after 12 long months of changes, with renewed spaces, tools and sensibilities.

La Ménagère 2.0

The new Ménagère is the result of a long reflection that combines the design sensitivity of the architect Claudio Nardi and the dynamic vision of the entrepreneur Massimo Manfredi. The guiding idea was to create a multiplicity of places, connected with each other but each with an independent and distinctive style, to be experienced as an inner journey through emotions, tastes and inspirations. The project, carried out by Claudio Nardi Architects with the collaboration of Matteo Crociani , has brought about a profound rethinking of spaces, destinations and atmospheres through architectural gestures delicate but with a strong character: contemporary elements are grafted onto existing structures with respect, discretion and elegance.

The new configuration of interconnected spaces

The 'i The design intervention introduced a significant layout change: the cocktail bar area now occupies the right aisle of the local and has its own entrance, while the central gallery, which houses the areas dedicated to flowers, sweets and accessories, has become a sort of perspective backdrop leading to the restaurant with the new Private Dining which extends into the Chef's Table. The common bistro table, made from large oak planks and flanked by an imposing wall with vintage glass vases, becomes a practical multipurpose element, suitable for any activity and time of day.

The recovery and optimization of spaces

The recovery of a series of existing spaces, previously used in another way, re-maps the use of the 1500 m2 of the venue with a new idea of ​​ conviviality, shared or private, in full harmony with the post-pandemic times, able to involve, with dedicated spaces, different types of guests. Among the new environments, indoors and outdoors, the new external loggia on via Ginori stand out, where a scenographic wall of red roses stands out, and the two rooms intimate located on the mezzanine. If one, with its modern and vintage furnishings, refers to the Business Lounges of the '60s international airports and opens onto a flowery inner courtyard, the other, Sala Linda, looks like a welcoming library with botanical books and magazines, large sofas and a fireplace.

A Gentlemen's Club in the foundations of the venue

A new - special - addition is that of the spaces obtained in the foundations of the room, historically used as cellars and kitchens of the building. Having housed a jazz club, they have now been rethought as a contemporary Gentlemen's Club offering a fine selection of spirits, a private cellar, a cinema billiard room, as well as a smoking room and cigar room. A hushed and cozy environment with great charm, absolutely private, with decorations and tapestries inspired by the 1940s.

The renewed gastronomic offer

An important change of pace also involves the gastronomic offer, managed with vision and continuity by Angelo Cavaliere, administrator and General Manager. From the restaurant to the cafeteria, from the bistro to the cocktail bar, La Ménagère presents today with an overall proposal that is unprecedented in terms of high quality, research and curiosity.

Flower shopping but not only

Generation after generation, the Florentines have always traveled to La Ménagère to find and buy original accessories and complements for the home. Even today, shopping is one of the reasons for the attraction of the place: the beloved Flower Shop, today managed directly by the property with the skilful contribution of Carlotta Coppini, has always a landmark in the city. But not only that, scattered throughout the space there are also books (art publishing, botany, gardening, history and local traditions), sweets (such as the temporary store of Pastiglie Leone) and perfumes artisanal (AquaFlor), as well as vintage glass (All'Origine), textiles for table (Borgo delle Tovaglie) and designer waxworks ( EDG-Enzo De Gasperi).