Fireplaces, stoves and radiators: when heating elements become an active part of the interior design. Guide to trends, for a fully comfortable autumn-winter

We will certainly remember this start of autumn for its more summery climate than anything else. Now that the temperatures have finally dropped and the air has become crisp, it's time to focus on warming trends.

For some time now fireplaces, stoves and radiators have lost their exclusive vocation as functional elements, earning the status of design pieces, an active part of domestic interiors, iconic and capable of bringing an extra touch to the domestic environment.

We asked the architect Paolo Rota, co-founder of the studio Rota-Giorgino, to comment for us on a series of images featuring different types of heating elements.

Vertical is beautiful

“A great classic of modern heating furnishings is made up of vertical radiators. With a linear design and typically slender shape, if placed in strategic points of the house they manage to lengthen the focal point, thus making our rooms appear taller and, consequently, more airy".

Great classic

“The radiator placed under the window is undoubtedly the most practical solution for keeping the house warmer and for longer. In this strategic position, in fact, it creates a shield effect in an area exposed to atmospheric agents.

At the same time it plays a key role in decor.

If chromatically coordinated with the wall or curtains, the radiators under the window create a visual point of the house full of elegance and cohesion, which embellishes the view of the outside world. In the photo we see a radiator with a classic shape, with the convexity that narrows at the top, but models with a more modern style are also welcome".

Très chic

“A must if you want to recreate the traditional Parisian style in the bathroom, simply timeless.

The radiator in question summarizes the concepts of refinement and practicality: the central body decorates with its precious contrasting color compared to the wall (it is often in gold, copper or brass finish), while the outermost pipes They act as towel holders, allowing you to always have warm towels.

Great hotel effect guaranteed."

Bursting happiness

“He has warmed countless homes and gathered people from all over the world before him for centuries. The fireplace has an immediate power in maximizing the feeling of home, as a warm, friendly and comfortable place.

During the coldest days of the year, stopping in front of the fireplace to rest, read or drink a hot tea becomes a real well-being ritual.

To copy the idea of a restyling without excessive efforts of a classic fireplace like the one in the photo, opting for an important colour, as in this case a very dark tone of grey, matching the background.

Thanks to this chromatic trick, the fireplace stands out even more, coordinating with the entire domestic setting."

Smart fireplace

“Like every element of the house, the fireplace has also undergone an evolution. modern living has led technology to imitate this key element, bringing it into homes where it would not be technically possible to have a fireplace.

If it is true that the magic of the crackling of burning wood is partly lost, the bioethanol fireplace is a real furnishing accessory and, it must be said, saves a lot of space, as well as heating the area in which it is used very well. installed".

Suspended effect

“Suspended fireplaces are an excellent invention. Whether they are electric and activated with a simple on-off button or with a traditional chimney and wood as fuel, what matters is their ability to immediately create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Versatile as never before, these heating elements adapt to the sleeping and living areas with agility, marrying with any style, from country to urban. However, it should be avoided in a house furnished in a very classic way, where the traditional fireplace with flue and decorative beam is certainly more appropriate".