The architect Simone Andrighetto tells how the project for the house of Chiara Campagnolo and Massimo Fantin in Tezze sul Brenta was born, from the architectural concept, to the interior design, to the choice of Key Cucine

Restructuring interventions that involve the expansion of an existing building are complex and delicate, as always when working on architecture already set up according to previous choices. In this case, the project was made even more challenging by the clients' desire to create a single living-kitchen space that could be used by a large family.

Among the other requests, that of being able to have a home characterized by large, bright, easily usable and at the same time "character" spaces, both in architecture and interior design. Architect Simone Andrighetto therefore opted for clear lines, selected materials, contrasts and plays of black and white as the basic colors.

Living The Rock Soul

Architect Andrighetto, can you explain the architectural and interior design concept to us?

Personality and character define the mood of this home, both from an architectural and interior design point of view. The design idea of ​​shape, color, cuts of light and clear but not minimal architectural lines, wants to communicate a message of modernity. The result is a fluid environment, with open-plan living so that the rooms interact with each other and with the outside through large windows that allow a view of the large garden (about 2 thousand square meters) that surrounds the house.

What is the new project-existing relationship?

Before the intervention, the house had a pre-existing building around which the project developed. By creating a series of expanding volumes, the original building (which had no architecturally interesting elements) was incorporated while maintaining the structure but hidden within the new project.

What does custom design mean for you?

A new project must make life more comfortable, hence the importance that everything is designed "tailor-made", reading the needs of the clients and giving them the certainty that the home will be functional as well as beautiful. The importance of "tailor-made" makes the difference both in terms of personalization and in terms of the final result.

Empathy with the client: in which elements does the house reflect the character of the owners?

The knowledge of the clients allows the professional to understand their needs, their desires, their expectations. Hence the designer's ability to transfer them and make them exclusive. When I met Chiara and Massimo, I perceived in them a rock soul, which gave rise to the idea of ​​using the color black as the fil rouge of the architectural and interior design path. Black is the color used for the Prefa aluminum roof, black the fixtures, black the swimming pool, black also the double-height wall of the living room, as are other furnishing elements.

The materials mainly used are wood and metal: why this choice?

The choice of materials mainly used, namely wood and metal, stems from the idea of ​​using natural, timeless elements with a material charm.

Why did you make the kitchen and living area the heart of the house?

Living and kitchen are the central point of a home: today, more than ever, these environments acquire great value, grow larger, multiply their functions. In this project even more, having to be liveable by a family of five people and having to guarantee usability and conviviality.

Why choosing Key Cucine?

The choice of Key Cucine is motivated by the desire to have a personalized identity. For a professional to have the possibility to range in the choice of materials and shapes, it allows to express creativity, flair, inventiveness and at the same time have the guarantee of a high quality product.

The kitchen, in fact, stands out as the absolute protagonist: spacious, livable and captivating in its material combinations, such as wood and titanium in surprising harmony. Key Cucine has made a decisive contribution to the project, thanks to unique customizations that have made it possible to enhance the designer's idea and to give life to the owners' wishes and needs. Founded in 1978, Key Cucine is a Vicenza-based company among the first to bring the concept of bespoke kitchens to the market. The spirit that the brothers Giuliano and Renzo Sbabo wanted to convey is the essentiality of Italian design, which is inspired by the variety of fine materials in an infinite range of volumes, colors and unusual combinations. Key Cucine places an almost artisanal care in the realization of every single project, a true contemporary tailor-made designed for customized architecture, which reflects the identity of those who choose it, with particular attention to respect for the environment.