For over 100 years Ideal Standard has designed and produced high-quality bathrooms, with a strong belief in the democratization of functional quality and design. Many things have changed during this century – customs, habits and lifestyles – and all this has led to evolution, not just in the design of spaces in the home, and in the bath in particular, but also in the role the bathroom has acquired in everyday life. Recent research shows that bathrooms are increasingly central and important. To respond to this evolution, Ideal Standard now has a new image, an emblem of its new positioning, summed up in the phrase “a beautiful use of space.” For Ideal Standard this means creating design bathrooms where forms, technology and functional efficacy are perfectly combined, in harmony with the corporate mission: to offer solution to make the ideal bath become a reality. Dea, the new Ideal Standard collection, is a result of the evolution of the brand identity, embodying its promise: to help people to transform their desires into concrete, functional beauty.