Architect Gloria Cortina and the design team of Jager Group, representing design brands of Made in Italy like Boffiand Molteniand partners of Listone Giordano, have worked on the design of a private residential space in Mexico to transform it into a functional, livable area, but also one of image for meetings and work. The team, starting with a completely new building, has inserted the characteristic features of the loft – light and space – to create a luxurious interior design. Listone Giodano produced the wood floors with different geometric patterns, including a herringbone design in wenge with large segments. In a similar context, the sweeping geometries of the wooden flooring create an effect of movement and perspective in different directions. The choice of full-height windows permits maximum emphasis on the view of the river and the city. The flooring contributes to the effect of a single horizontal wooden surface that projects outwards, creating the illusion of ‘floating’ in space. The wenge floor made in Listone 90 with Natifnatural finish creates a contrast and great ‘cleanliness’ with the furnishings provided by the best names in Italian and international design.