The new Aesop store has been opened on Via Meravigli, at the corner of Via San Giovanni sul Muro in Milan. Facing the Marchesi pastry shop, it is located in a historical district, one of the most elegant in the city.

Created in collaboration with the Milan-based design team of DimoreStudio, the new space of 35 square meters is a lively interpretation of the pantries of Italian villas in the 1930s, and small neighborhood shops – still numerous in this zone – in a contemporary version.

Shades of teal and yellow, pale as if every surface was dusted with talc, take the visitor back in time. The lighting, entrusted to two large disk lamps with a brass structure and decorations in frosted glass, filters light through amber motifs, creating an intimate, elegant atmosphere.

Customers can explore and choose from complete lines of products for facial, hair and body care, unique due to the use of high-quality ingredients of botanical and chemical origin.

Photo Paola Pansini.