Apple Michigan Avenue is the latest and most ambitious store ever, conceived as a gathering place for the local community. The store will host Today at Apple sessions throughout the year, in tune with the desire of the municipality to revitalize the riverfront.


Chicago is deeply connected to the river that crosses the city, and the store adds a new riverfront access from Pioneer Plaza.

The river and the city are now linked by two granite staircases on both sides of the transparent store, providing an unimpeded view across the plaza.

Apple has worked with the municipal government of Chicago and conducted research on historical documents to create a project in perfect tune with its surroundings.


Apple Michigan Avenue, designed by Foster and Partners​, breaks down indoor-outdoor boundaries, generating important urban connections.


Every detail has been studied to reduce the factors that separate the city from the Chicago River.

The building’s carbon fiber roof, measuring about 33.8 x 29.8 meters, has been designed to be as thin as possible, and the entire structure rests on four internal pillars that do not obstruct the view from the impressive 9.7-meter glass facade.