Sustainability and eco-efficiency are important factors of the modern Zara retail network, and the main inspirations behind the projects created by Matteo Thun.

The installation for the entrance – created by Matteo Thun, Elena Pelosi and Benedetto Fasciana – has thus been conceived as a flexible and recyclable structure, to adapt like a stage to the various collections displayed over the course of the year.


Prior to its present function, the historic building of 4000 m2 built in the 1930s contained a theater for many years, and later was the home of the Cinema Astra.

The entrance hall with a double staircase in marble and brass, antique mosaics and a gilded come, and a dramatic chandelier in Murano glass, have been incorporated in the design of the Zara store and now form an evocative setting for new artistic installations.


The installation created by Matteo Thun fits perfectly into the historical and cultural context of the building and the city: the theater is the basis of the concept. The dynamic modular structure, like an Arc de Triomphe, invites customers to pass through and reach the collections. As in a true theater production, the installation by Matteo Thun transforms the mannequins into actors and the visitors into an audience.