The Armani Grouphas opened a store for its home collection at Al Itihad Road, Deira. The store has an area of 270 m2 and four large windows facing the street. The products, ranging from furniture to objects, decoration to textiles – for the living area and the bedroom zone – are carefully combined based on materic, formal and chromatic affinities, all inside a luminous, particularly soft setting. The displays also include the Armani/Dadakitchens Bridge and Checkers. The store concept aims to create a sophisticated and functional atmosphere. The backlit panels in bronze-tone polycarbonate for the perimeter and the internal spaces are bordered by a structure in shiny metal. The various spaces are organized in a fluid itinerary, with black granite floors and carabottino ceilings. The objects are shown on custom display fixtures, composed of glossy black painted tubes with transparent glass shelves.