The project was created with the aim of reviving what was once the Cinema President. Very dear to the Milanese, this movie theater was one of the first to focus on the comfort of the seats and to offer a total experience, not just watching a movie, making it a symbol of quality and elegance. Today it is being transformed into an active, fresh and dynamic store that sets out to be something more than a place for shopping. The original spaces have been restored and preserved, maintaining the original structure that is still visible in some parts.

The facility has two levels. The ground floor houses the windows of the new Baxter Shop, where Baxter furnishings are the protagonists. Materic products of extraordinary quality, a symbol of a certain art de vivre made with fine materials and workmanship.

There is also a new “club bar” in the Baxter style. A cozy, stylish place to relax over a drink, in a space to experience freely, discovering the quality of the finest materials of Made in Italy.

A large flight of steps connects the street level to the underground heart of the building. Here rays of natural light filter through cuts made in the structure itself, creating an immersive theatrical atmosphere.

Moving through the various areas that pace the space, one discovers collaborations with excellent players in different sectors. Some corners have been faced with hand-painted wallpaper exclusively made for Baxter with irregular geometric patterns and color nuances from green to amaranth.

Then there is an area containing a small, sophisticated bookshop, featuring tomes on design, and a zone filled with different objects made specifically with Baxter leather.

Last but not least, an area is set aside for collaboration with Adeo Group, presenting the project Cinema Suite for professional home cinema. All controlled by a home automation system that manages all the components and functions of the space.