B&B Italia opens a new flagship store in Taichung, in partnership with Bon Maison. At the entrance of an upscale shopping center, the new space of about 800 square meters is on two levels, the first for B&B Italia and the second for Maxalto.

The mood of the displays follows the latest guidelines of B&B Italia in terms of image and presentation, expressing the international lifestyle of the prestigious collections of the company through a selection of proposals for the living room, bedroom and outdoor zones.

The stylistic choices, the interior design, the mixture of architectural details and materials, light and shadow, give rise to an environment full of personality, with a strong, original and international image, full of ideas, proposals and solutions.

Graphic wallpaper in black and white, reflective black glass ceilings, sophisticated metal mesh dividers, very refined visuals and a sculptural staircase in black metal contribute to the unique atmosphere.

The layout has areas with different styles, from minimalist to decorative, but always with an emphasis on contemporary design.

The space is fluid and the various areas offer clear readability, well defined with the aim of creating sets that suggest atmospheres, trends, emotions, rather than organizing the space in terms of traditional rooms. The feeling is spontaneous, intuitive and welcoming, conveying all the refinement and elegance typical of the collections B&B Italia.