The Italian design manufacturer has signed an important agreement with the Teknion Group, the North American company of reference in the segment of office furniture, whose main clients include national and multinational corporations operating in different sectors and geographical areas. The new partnership covers distribution, licensing and manufacturing for the North American market, of the Project Collection, the prestigious range of furnishings launched by B&B Italia in 2006 to satisfy the specific needs of the contract market, namely for offices, public areas and hospitality facilities. The goal of the partnership is to increase the penetration of the Project Collection on the North American market, thanks to the commercial and productive capacity of Teknion, and to shift the expertise and know-how of B&B Italia towards expansion of the range and development of new products. Teknion’s capillary distribution, together with its estabished relationships with architects and interior designer, lay the groundwork for growth of the Project Collection, which is inserted in the Teknion Studio offerings in order to interpret the evolution of the office through very high quality and good design.