The Italian company applies production methods and materials that do not create environmental imbalances, fully complying with regulations on the limitation of harmful emissions. The structures of the parts of the kitchens are made with 100% recycled wood composite. Another sign of Veneta Cucine’s environmental commitment is the use, ahead of others, of water-base complete cycle painting, which offers excellent qualitative results while drastically reducing toxic emissions. Veneta Cucine also has ISO 9001 certification, issued by the prestigious German institute TÜV to indicate organizational and productive procedures that comply with the qualitative standards of an increasingly demanding market. The ‘Green Thinking’ of Veneta Cucine also extends to the development of a new kitchen that fully reflects these values: the Ecocompatta, designed by Paolo Rizzato, is the first antibacterial kitchen offered on the market. All the surfaces that come into contact with foods and with our hands are antibacterial. The silver ion treatment applied to the paints and laminates reduces the proliferation of bacteria by as much as 99.9%. The hygiene effect lasts over time, because silver is not a liquid and therefore does not evaporate. Ecocompatta is the beginning of an innovative path of development, underscored by the creation of an exclusive trademark: BBS, Bacteria Blocker Silverguard.