Hidden in a lane behind Aoyama Street in Tokyo, Nendo has created a space to contain a boutique specializing in natural cosmetics and a cafe.

To bring out beauty a close link between care for the inner body and the outer body is necessary. Therefore this space, and service, have been created based on a concept that combines the characteristics of cosmetics with those of foods and beverages.

Customers can learn about the different products by using a tablet or by trying them out in the store.

Product codes are placed beside the packages, making it possible to get more info or to make purchases online from mobile devices, also from home.

In this way, the shop does not just sell cosmetics, but also becomes a place of learning and information.

This is why the store is called a “library,” where the space is organized like a “self-study room” with orderly wooden shelves and small tables for interaction with customers.

Finally, in a sort of dependance hidden from view, on the other side of the courtyard, a space has been created for parties, events and workshops.


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Libera (design Artec) is a modular and modular lighting system that represents a real typological evolution in the field of linear lighting. The project integrates the three compositional elements, light rod, joint and base, into an organic whole firmly rooted in the groove of an elegant, reflective, surprising made in Italy.