The historic Danish design brand opens a new flagship store in San Francisco

Carl Hansen & Son opens a new point of sale in the design district of San Francisco.

Located at 111 Rhode Island Street, the store is a showcase for the large collection of the Danish company, including items designed by talents like Hans J. Wegner, Ole Wanscher, Mogens Koch, Poul Kjærholm, Frits Henningsen and the innovative Anker Bak and Naja Utzon Popov.


The space of 190 square meters, like a loft to echo the image of the Carl Hansen & Son showroom in New York, is an immersive environment that stimulates direct connection with the classics of Danish design.

In tune with the aesthetic characteristics of the Pacific northwest in the 1950s, the store stands out for its intimate atmosphere inspired by nature, with appealing lighting and furnishings in a range of materials from white oil-treated oak to walnut, with touches of pale rose and moss green.

A custom island kitchen made starting with bookcases by Mogens Koch offers a cafe area with a lounge for clients.

The light and woodlands of the West Coast nurture the emphasis on natural materials in the flagship store, creating harmony between Danish minimalism and California modern style.


The new flagship store includes two display settings that cover the entire “golden age” of Danish design. The main space facing the street contains the classic icons. The second space pays homage to the tradition of the brand and its focus on fine Danish craftsmanship.

New furnishings by outstanding contemporary designers and architects are also on display.