The Ferrara-based company’s comeback continues, after the severe damages caused by the earthquake in Emilia back in May. After resuming production of double-fired materials in July, in early January the production lines for porcelain stoneware for floors and facings were also up and running again. Special maintenance has been completed on the most advanced lines – all based on digital technology – used for the production of the company’s most successful products. Other activities previously outsourced are now being done in-house, to restore employment levels on a local scale. The damaged facilities are being reconstructed, with good progress in the parts connecting the various production sectors and the warehousing areas. As already seen at Cersaie in Bologna – where the company presented the Flexible Architecture by Starckcollection as well as four new proposals designed by the in-house creative staff – Ceramica Sant'Agostino is determined to continue to conduct research, working in a concrete way on the invention of new products based on careful study and use of advanced technologies. The results are geared towards international markets, while providing new stimuli and setting new trends on the Italian scene.