The first venture into the outdoors for a company that has always worked on interiors. Starting with the technology and design behind the Tensoproject, now the firm offers tensEsterni, an outdoor lighting system, designed by Luta Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, ideal for paths, borders, patios, relaxation areas, terraces, courtyards, porches, etc.With a single electrical outlet and two supports (walls, poles, trees, columns), it is possible to install one or more lighting fixtures. The tensEsterni system includes four models: an opalescent sphere for diffused 360° light; a transparent sphere for direct 360° light; a sphere with reflector for direct downward light, or an adjustable sphere for accent lighting. The accessories that round out the system: stainless steel cables to support and power the fixtures, hardware for installation of cables on walls, columns or trees, supports to support cables with spans of over 30 m, cable routers for attachment to walls, poles or columns, pole bases that can be buried or positioned in pots.