Sustainable quality is a part of the DNA of this lighting company, a natural consequence of all its projects. This approach is reflected in the new bioclimate facility at Recanati, designed by Maurizio Varratta, the first structure in Italy to obtain an energy rating of 3.5 from iiSBE Italia. The firm has also made major investments in technological innovation for industrial production, to reduce environmental impact: in 2012 iGuzzini has equipped the Recanati production plant with a photovoltaic system for electricity, capable of powering most of the production cycle. The system uses 6529 monocrystalline solar cells, built into the roofing of the four main production buildings, for an area of about 10,600 m2, with overall power output of 1599.610 kWp. The conversion from direct to alternating curent happens in 5 cabins: the energy produced is input into the power system of the plant and partially ceded to the local energy grid. The system powers in-house production in cooperation with the already existing co-generation plant, to improve the company’s overall energy efficiency profile. Expected annual photovoltaic production is 1,934,790 kWh, covering a large portion of the energy needed for the production plants at Recanati.