The Italian brand offering bath furnishings in classic English style opens its first flagship store in Denmark, in the center of Copenhagen, launching direct operation in Scandinavia.

At 118 Store Kongensgade, the exclusive new store has eight windows facing one of the most fascinating zones of the city, between the Nyhavn canal, the old port of the city, the historic Nyboder district and the royal palace.

Designed by the brand’s art director Paola Tanini, the store has an area of 160 square meters to display the firm’s prestigious collections.

The interior echoes the characteristics of elegance, sobriety and luxury of the brand, alternating the collections that have made Devon&Devon famous, all the way to the latest creations: the Music washstand cabinet inspired by the American “jazz age,” the impressive President tub, the traditional Etoile console and the Season washstand cabinet.

The display grants visibility to the floors and facings in marble (Elite Mosaic, Prestige), wood (Intarsia), and the more traditional ceramic versions, like Lambris Bell Flower, Elysees, Brick and Simply.

The result is a sophisticated balance of tradition and modernity, refinement and elegance.