Collaboration between two outstanding companies, Bertolotto Porte and Brooksfield, has led to the idea of creating a collection that combines fashion and design. Two apparently distant world that are actually complementary give rise to a line of original, exclusive doors: Le Sfoderabili. Bertolotto Porte with the BIhometrademark offers models that are covered with Brooksfield fabrics. New, refined textures are inserted in an aluminium frame, like a sort of painting. The company offers three variations: New York, London and Bali. Different styles that can adapt to metropolitan spaces and the most traditional settings. The fabric covers can be removed and replaced easily and quickly. The Le Sfoderabili doors are ideal for people who like to often change their decor, personalizing it and making it unique. The system stands out for its extreme versatility and simplicity of use. The collection of doors comes in the hinged and sliding versions of the Bihome line.