A new concept for franchising, from the Forlì-based company that is a leader in the bedding sector. The opening of Dorelanbed in La Spezia (240 square meters not far from the city center), the first store of the brand in Liguria, presents an updated, innovative layout for the firm’s official points of sale (65 across Italy), always able to engage the visitor by telling stories (of wellbeing), not just by displaying products.

With this accent on storytelling, a visit to the Dorelan store becomes a true bedding history, as the products become the subject matter of narratives each person can construct according to their own needs and desires. The path is not pre-set, but becomes emotional, personalized, taking in all of the company’s production in a tale of wellness based on quality sleep. The display fixtures are light, modular, elegant, adding a unique touch to every area in the new locations.

Five more openings are scheduled for the start of 2016 in Genoa, San Remo, Modena and Perugia.