Specializing in the design and production of custom shower stalls, duka is a company that concentrates on constant improvement of its products and its corporate organization.

For further growth, the firm has recently launched the design of a new production plant in the industrial zone of Bressanone, slated to begin operation in 2018.

Thanks to this ambitious program, duka will be able to provide increasingly quick service for clients, reinforced by entry into the era of industry 4.0, marked by the digitalization of the network of clients and suppliers.


With the collaboration of the municipal administration of Bressanone, it has been possible to identify an ideal lot for the new facility, whose design is the result of an ideas competition open only to architects based in Alto Adige.

The winning concept was submitted by the architecture firm of Kerschbaumer & Pichler, which convinced the jury due to its functional quality, compact structure, and the introduction of a striking flight of steps leading to the showroom where it will be possible to see and experience duka solutions, open to the over 3000 clients and distributors that visit the facility each year. The facades are enhanced by a pattern of panels with a trapezoidal form.


Innovation is the main factor in the duka 4.0 project, a major challenge in the new industrial era, which the company approaches in parallel with the support of its specialized staff and with new figures that will be inserted to ensure the highest levels of effectiveness of the operation. The new interface functions will be performed by product managers, engineers, electrical technicians and automation specialists, to provide very precise and specific responses to the needs of clients.