The new Design&Simulation Centre of Emu brings new energy to research and development

The Design&Simulation Centre of Emu is a project developed by the manufacturer of indoor & outdoor design, and the first step in a new growth plan.

The new space of about 1000 square meters – joining the 100,000 of the factory, of which 50,000 indoors – grants new impetus to the activities of research and development in the design division, with technological tools and spaces to facilitate constant evolution of processes and products, also to enhance the collections of the brand, fitting them into their natural contexts.

The center includes spaces and workstations for interns and research labs, in a perspective of fertile interaction between the company and national and international universities and design centers.

The new research facility designed by Andrea Pascucci has clean, essential, rigorous lines to set off the furnishings on view.

The reinforced concrete structure conveys a sense of solidity and blends perfectly with the surrounding context.

The factor shared by the new building and the adjacent office block is the cladding of part of the facades with expanded sheet metal, a second skin that links back to a historic material in Emu’s production.

The linear architectural design underscores the simulation of various spaces of the home and public facilities, including living rooms, lounges and verandas.

The interiors are in constant contact with the outside thanks to large windows, bringing light and a sense of perspective.