A showcase of luxury design: Elite Stone and the Calacatta Borghini marble quarry have opened the exclusive ES Gallery in London at Margaret Street 74, Fitzrovia.

The project brings together a luxury producer with a quarry of the finest marble, generating an evocative location where marble becomes a new language with which to speak of elegance and ultrachic lifestyle.

The protagonist of ES Gallery is the Coral Black area, a refined interpretation of the living room. A genuine work of art, in a perfect combination of captivating looks and functional quality.

Elite Stone also presents furnishings with lighting in the new showroom. The firm has patented the innovative, sophisticated E-light System, the result of over 10 years of research that takes concrete form in the bonding of thin layered panels of marble and onyx with the transparency of glass and the luminosity of LEDs.

Furnishings, kitchens, doors, paneling and doors can thus be enhanced by the harmony of backlit lightened marble, creating an enveloping, striking atmosphere.