The new Range Rover Evoque was officially presented to the international press in the exceptional setting of the studios of Cinecittà in Rome, with an off-road track to test the surprising dynamic features of this unconventional compact SUV, the latest creation by Land Rover. The Italian studios are open to the public, and it is possible to view the sets used for many of the films that have made the history of Italian cinema. For the launch of the new model, for delivery in early September, four Italian City Shapers, invited to catch the spirit of their own cities with an interactive guide over the course of one year of collaboration with Land Rover, received personalized Evoques based on their own stylistic choices, as outlined below. Natasha Slater, DJ and blogger: “I chose an Evoque 5-door in black, because it is a style icon, sporty and elegant at the same time, always in fashion. I adore contrasts so I had fun mixing the tones inside, choosing ivory white and cherry to make my Evoque different and original, thanks to a new chromatic choice developed only for the Range Rover Evoque line. Since I am a DJ and I organize exclusive parties in Milan, music is an integral part of my life. Listening in the car is fundamental, so I have to have an absolutely fabulous stereo system. I also love my glass sunroof, which will be an excellent way to distract my daughter while I’m driving!” Francesca Versace, fashion designer: "I chose an Evoque Coupé in white, for its slender form that reminds me of the silhouette of a swan. To enhance the elegant outer lines with a color contrast, I chose ebony interiors with contrasting stitching, refined, classical, and floral finishes to add a feminine touch. The choice of the coupé version was based on ease of use in the city, which is also why I have opted for an automatic transmission. The video camera for parking and the downhill braking option make my Evoque safer on all kinds of roads. I can’t wait to drive my new Evoque because it feels like being in a flying saucer, with the advanced lighting and stereo systems. The sunroof makes me feel like I’m in a solarium. It is also great for looking at the stars at night!” Neil Barrett, fashion designer: “I decided to personalize my Evoque in tune with the most ‘urban’ parameters possible. After all, my life takes place in Milan, London and Los Angeles, and I am constantly traveling to and from these three important hubs. You can’t go wrong with black bodywork and ton-sur-tone materials and fabrics: shades of lead gray, silver, smoke, matte and glossy black, with the sky that becomes the dominant factor, through the large sunroof. Cool, timeless (not showy, but capable of attracting attention…). In any case, the combination I’ve chosen should attract the attention of the right people, those who appreciated an urban style that is refined and timeless. What more could you want? Evoque is radically new and has superb design balance. Undoubtedly a modern image that combines perfectly with the expertise of industrial craftsmanship of Range Rover.” Sergio Cerruti, DJ and record producer: “The personalization of my Evoque is the materialization of my desires and reflects my way of being. Black, the main color I have selected for the outside and the interior, represents me and has accompanied me for years. A color I identify with my personality and style. I think black is elegant, mysterious, artistic. The choice of the Dynamic version with a turbo gasoline engine is no coincidence either: I love the performance, which together with the design sets a youthful, nervy character. The interior offers the technological utmost of what can be put in an Evoque, confirming my well-known weakness for entertainment!”