The new Boffi De Padova MA/U Studio store opens in a former cookie factor in Florence

Another site with unique characteristics for the new store of Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio in Florence: a former cookie factory on Via Aretina.

Another intriguing address in a historic neighborhood, a lively commercial area with industrial buildings from various epochs. The distinctive imprint is that of an urban factory as a setting for interior design, coordinated by the styling and design division of Boffi Group.

The space occupies an entire floor, on the second level. The flexible facility gains light from a courtyard, and adapts to the creative display of the furnishings of the various brands of the group in order to convey a single, unified idea of the home: from the kitchen to the bath, from wardrobe solutions to a large choice of items for all the other spaces, including furnishing complements.

As in the other stores of the group, a materials library focuses on selected brands. Customers can rely on qualified assistance, for a complete bespoke design approach.