Thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of Laura Fontanot, a creative “reservoir” now exists for new solutions in the field of accessories for staircases. This is the spirit behind FontanotLab, the creative design workshop organized by Laura Fontanot, the Head of Design at Fontanot, the Italian company of reference in the production of spiral staircases. The goal is to gather innovative design ideas, to produce accessories for staircases and put them on the market. The project has two basic principles: the usefulness of products that respond to the need to find a solution to a problem, that of optimizing the space for a staircase in the home; and the product’s design, with a special accent on green solutions to apply in the project phase (FSC wood, recycled or recyclable plastic, natural glues, water-based paints). FontanotLab has also activated ongoing collaborations with designers from different backgrounds, including Alessandro Marelli, Folco Orlandini, Valentina Downey, Marco Vantusso, Giulia Meloncelli, Laura Brivio, Alessandro Stabile and Davide Mazza, who alternate in the creation of new solutions.