The producer of partitions and furnishings for the home and office furnishes the new headquarters of the Italian lighting company in Spain, created by the architect Josep Miasinside the Parque de Actividades Empresariales Can Sant Joan at Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona. The building, which the designer calls The Sky due to its spherical form, has an area of 6300 m2 where offices, laboratories, showrooms and an auditorium are laid out on four levels. The workstations, entirely by Frezza, are organized inside this new space, becoming an integral part of the whole design. In the daytime the building uses natural light; in the evening it glows and transforms. The partitions pace the internal spaces and are integrated in the overall form, following the shape of the architectural volume. The white finishes of the sections and lacquered panels underscore the luminous quality of the spaces; the transparency of the glass panels allows light to penetrate, while conserving the functional characteristics of privacy and limitation of places.