Gattoni Rubinetteria takes another step forward in its corporate history, with roots in the Piedmont faucet district. On the eve of the celebration of its 60th anniversary, the company updates its image, starting with the logo, which is now more stylized and modern. The company slogan has also been changed; now it is “water in love.” This reflects a strong desire to communicate the gratitude we should all feel when we think about water’s role as a precious, irreplaceable source of life, which must be safeguarded at all costs. In manufacturing, this commitment is reflected in a complete production cycle based on responsible processes, certified by the Green Attitude trademark. For consumers, the idea is to purchase faucets – like those of Gattoni, for example – that respect the environment in terms of certified raw materials and reduction of water use. The dot on the final letter ‘i’ of the name is transformed into a stylized faucet, while the red and black colors of the logo have been conserved, enhanced by the new font. The new logo is included on all the materials of the company, from communications to packaging.