The Ghenos International network comes from an idea of Gabriella Del Signore, founder of the Milan office of Ghénos Communication, which since 1996 operates in the world of communication for companies that require highly qualified service, creating personalized programs of communication to meet specific needs. Years of experience in the design sector, constant interaction with clients on a European level (and, in many cases, with worldwide operations), a changing market and changing needs of corporations: these were the conditions behind the idea of an international project. The structure relies on communication agencies in Germany, England, Holland, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland and Japan, while other “alliances” are now in progress in other countries. The offices operating in the network have been carefully selected for specific in-depth expertise and experience based on years of activity in the sector of interiors/design/architectureThey concentrate on public relations with information media and organizations in their national territory, maintaining direct and constant contact with the other agencies operating in Europe. Companies have the possibility of selecting one or more nations in which to be represented, with the guarantee of being able to work with professionals who have a deep knowledge of the territory and the specific dynamics of the interiors/design/architecture sector. If desired, companies can work with a single counterpart, the Italian press and PR agent, who then coordinates the work done by the Ghenos International network.