The new sustainable headquarters of Crédit-Agricole Italia in Parma

Frigerio Design Group with Politecnica has created the project of Green Life, the new sustainable headquarters of Crédit-Agricole Italia in Parma.


The project is the result of the shared goal of making a place where man is the central focus inside workspaces reinvented from a perspective of all-around sustainability, for the comfort and wellbeing of those who use them, also thanks to an effort of integrated design where each discipline is represented by its own specialist, from acoustics to physical plant to structural engineering.

Frigerio Design Group, a firm specializing in workspaces based on the concepts of smart working, has completed the expansion of the Centro Direzionale Cavagnari using advanced techniques and design solutions for sustainable construction.

The new Green Life center, which can welcome up to 1600 employees, has an overall area of more than 12,000 m2 on multiple levels, to minimize consumption of land surface in favor of a park of 70,000 m2.

The Parco Arboretum Crédit-Agricole, of great quality in terms of landscape and environmental standards, is open to all the employees, and functions as a generator of a pleasant summer microclimate.

Politecnica, on the other hand, has worked on the design of the special electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the preparation for LEED certification.

The project is based on the use of geothermal and water recovery systems, relying on modern high-performance solutions that are very reliable at the same time.

The focus on aesthetic-functional interfacing with architectural finishes and the in-depth refinement of interior design set the entire project apart.