In Florence, the Renaissance Palazzo Pucci reopens after careful restyling

In Florence fashion becomes art and is presented as such in the new Heritage Hub of Palazzo Pucci.

Maison Pucci opens this Renaissance building to the public after careful restyling that combines architecture and fashion, past and present, the history of the fashion house and contemporary reinterpretation.

In keeping with the vision of the image director Laudomia Pucci and the consulting of the studios Lissoni Associati and Noferi & Locorotondo Architetti, the internal space of the Palazzo has been revitalized in a new guise. The project has also involved young professionals selected thanks to collaboration with the London-based Central Saint Martins University and Polimoda, which has worked to make the spaces continuously accessible.

One key element of the renovation project is the light that enhances the spaces, architectural details, frescos, decorations and objects on display. The choice has gone to Zumtobel lighting fixtures that guarantee high quality standards in complete respect for the architecture and history of the building, thanks to their discreet functional presence.

The Heritage Hub replicates the historic boutique created by Marchese Pucci, a pioneer of Italian fashion starting in the 1950s, and the spaces are organized to welcome a range of different types of events.