In Milan, Corso Monforte 50, the showroom narrates design, research, know-how of the brand

Corporate showrooms are not only important logistical, operational, promotional and sales spaces for companies. They are places that go beyond the mere function of representation, increasingly real laboratories of ideas where stakeholders meet and exchange ideas. In the pandemic period, they have often turned into stages for the presentation of novelties through the creation of videos, promotional campaigns and direct social media. If they are then single-brand stores, managed directly by the parent company, they become project areas developed to represent the brand and its products at their best.

Design, research and know-how

With this in mind, Emu's Milan flagship store (in Corso Monforte 50) has been conceived as a place where the material gives life to the environment and the product itself creates the atmosphere that sums up the principles on which the brand's work is based: design, research, know-how in metalworking and protection, sustainability and multi-materiality. Managed in partnership with Interni Design Experience, it is an inspiring space of over 500 square metres designed by LCM Marin Design Studio, in which to discover the brand's range of outdoor furniture made in Italy. An exhibition of transversal, sustainable, multi-material, high quality and comfort design icons.

Green, nature, sustainability

Natural elements are replaced by majestic stylised metal trees, a tribute to the material Emu has always worked with. The "spectator" can thus imagine unique scenarios for outdoor furniture with a strong identity, intended for dining, living and relaxation areas. The materials used evoke nature, and the companies chosen for the installation share with Emu the value of sustainability: the flooring and walls, ceramic slabs by Ariostea by Iris Ceramica Group that reinterpret Verde Karzai marble, have an intense, shaded green background, whose veins enhance the aesthetic allure, in harmony with Emu's colour palette. On the upper floor, the Listone Giordano oak flooring from the Desir line. Green is the basic concept recalled in every element of the showroom, such as the stylised trees and the Cone limited edition lamps with natural decorations. The corten colour of the metal panels creates continuity with the natural theme and the wide choice of colours.

The Materio library

In addition to the product display area, an area has been set aside for the Materioteca, where customers, designers and professionals can touch materials, fabrics and colours and appreciate their different technical and performance characteristics. A real exhibition archive, with which one can ideally conceive a project by directly experimenting with the different combinations.

Customising carpets from the Ottoman collection

Exclusive to the single-brand showroom is a design service that gives the possibility to customise the new Ottoman carpets, handmade on a loom and waterproof. In the showroom, an island dedicated to the creation of unique, made-to-measure pieces from the collection offers a wide variety of weaves, shapes, sizes and pattern combinations in a choice of more than 600 colours.