The (versatile) Claus Porto boutique in New York

The (versatile) Claus Porto boutique in New York, located in a building from the 1800s at 230 Elizabeth Street, has been designed by Jeremy Barbour of the firm Tacklebox Architecture: the surprising interior design is a tribute to Portuguese architecture and crafts.

The architecture of the first international store of the historic Portuguese brand of fragrances and soaps stands out for an arch with a length of 42 meters entirely made with Portuguese cork, which like a gateway leads into the space. Engraved with a diamond motif that suggests that of the tiled facade of the historic Casa dos Bicos in Lisbon, the dynamic cork structure also links back to the intricate azulejo work of the São Bento rail station in Porto, built in 1887, the year of the brand’s founding. The structure features elegant alcoves and niches for the display of the complete collection of exclusive Claus Porto products.

A monolithic sink made from a single block of Estremoz marble stands out at the center of the arch.

The space is furnished with artifacts and antiques that reference the remarkable history of the beauty brand: from photographs of the founder and the first factory, to original packaging and Art Deco bottles.