Industrial Symphony: the name of the new Pedrali showroom narrates an industrial company moving towards a symbiosis between tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.

The studio Calvi Brambilla has designed the display space inside the headquarters at Mornico al Serio, where the company produces contemporary design furnishings for public spaces, offices and homes.


The project is based on the movements, rhythms and variations of the modern factory, an industrial symphony where the notes are represented by the collections in plastic, metal, wood and upholstery, exclusively Made in Italy.


The products are displayed with large mobile fixtures of different types, reminders of the generic industrial trolley, a silent and useful object of anonymous design. The bright red wheels and handles of these modules become a characteristic graphic effect. The fixtures can be moved to reconfigure the space in a functional and always original way, alternating with individual settings for the world of contract: from a contemporary bistro to a lounge zone in a hotel, a refined pastry shop to a meeting room.


The new display area also features a space set aside for the Compasso d’Oro, the prestigious prize assigned to the company for the Frida chair.