An unexpected sight welcomes visitors to the updated Spotti Milano space on Viale Piave: the gaze is immediately captured by the wallpaper produced by Wall&Deco as an exclusive for Spotti, designed by Studiopepe, interrupting the perspective while establishing an ongoing dialogue with the surrounding furniture.


The design is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional interior views, and comes in black and white with the possibility of geometric inserts of different forms in brass, adding a contemporary graphic feature.

The wide view of the entire design can be adjusted based on the needs of the client, thanks to the innovative approach of Wall&Deco, no longer proposing the repetition of patterns and designs typical of traditional wallpaper, but offering enlargements and macro-images with a forceful materic effect.

A new aesthetic of wall decoration, the expression of recent trends and evocative atmospheres, with a unique style and strong visual impact.

The design can be processed and provided in a personalized version, in keeping with the formal and aesthetic requirements of the host space; it is possible to resize the whole image based on wall measurements, or to choose a portion of the design, creating a personal, unique Instant Panorama in collaboration with the client.


The Wall&Deco wallpaper for Spotti is sold exclusively at Spotti Milano, Viale Piave 27.