A debate on roles and perspectives, experiences in life and work, between food and design, with Claudio Sadler, the internationally acclaimed chef with two Michelin stars, and Pietro Galimberti, owner of Flexform, the company based in Meda, Brianza, since 1959, known worldwide in the high-end contemporary furnishings sector as a representative of quality Made in Italy, with forty years of collections coordinated in their creative strategies by Antonio Citterio.

“In China, we arrived in the 1980s, when exporting was still a choice, not a necessity,” Galimberti remarked. His basis is shared by Sadler: Italian know-how, absorbed, developed and deployed on home territory, between tradition and innovation, but always in a way that keeps faith with personal history and philosophy.

How can we communicate the values of this know-how to distant cultures, audiences and markets? Once again the two protagonists shared the same vision: “The beauty and quality that Italian design and cuisine have written in their DNA is not enough, just as new ideas are not enough. The secret lies in the sensibility of a curious, passionate approach that respects its own identity and is open to the capacity to interpret, in an inclusive way, the spirits, places and tastes of different latitudes.

A positive gaze that does not look too far back and makes an effort to surprise, without overdoing the pursuit of special effects.

The wines served during the evening were Estella Moscato Salento IGP, Falò Verdeca Puglia IGP, Collezione Cinquanta, Anniversario 62 Primitivo di Manduria DOP Riserva by Cantine San Marzano (www.winelandscape.com)


Photos Mattia Campo


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From left, Pietro Galimberti, Antonella Galli, Claudio Sadler
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Pietro Galimberti
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Claudio Sadler
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From left, Pietro Galimberti, Gilda Bojardi, editor Interni, Claudio Sadler