An encounter on the concept of beauty and moral value, beauty and goodness (the Greek kalos kai agathos seen as the harmonious union of ethics and aesthetics) in the art of the table: lifestyle and cuisine.

Both the guests – Florian Bausch, product development director for tableware of Villeroy&Boch, and Elio Sironi, the internationally acclaimed chef – create projects in which the pursuit of balance between tradition and innovation, beauty and utility, essence and technique, is always focused on achieving very high quality that can be contagious, transmitting a vivid sense of joie de vivre.

Their constant research translates into new interpretations that take all aspects into account: materials, decorations, flavors, beauty, comfort, ease of use…

“Respect for the material and demanding simplicity” are the rules of Elio Sironi, in his words, and they also apply perfectly to a tradition based on ongoing renewal like that of Villeroy&Boch, which as Florian Bausch says, creates “products of great force, powerful things” capable of becoming a heritage over time even in absolutely different places and countries.

The wines sampled during the evening were Falò Verdeca Puglia IGP and Collezione Cinquanta by Cantine San Marzano (


Photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri


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From left, Florian Bausch, Patrizia Scarzella, Elio Sironi
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Elio Sironi
gallery gallery
From left, Patrizia Scarzella, Elio Sironi, Florian Bausch
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Florian Bausch