For over fifty years Berloni has narrated an Italian story of life, home and family passion. The same passion that marks the work of Marco Fumagalli, a product and interior designer, founder of Marcharstudio, and Mauro Padula, food stylist and photographer, as well as a cooking enthusiast, who in his free time experiments with recipes published on his blog.

Today the kitchen is no longer a static, immutable space, of inaccessible design. Instead, it tends to become a social kitchen: a place for gathering and research that adapts to the fragmentation of society and the need to offer new solutions, to share contents, incorporating functional and aesthetically appealing tools. A social space of the home, a functional place in which to pursue hobbies, where the pleasure of experimentation extends to an increasingly vast, transverse audience.

Considering these changes and an active role for users, the architect Marco Fumagalli has created the APP Berloni concept: applications and modules inspired by the world of smartphones and tablets, that can be added at the time of purchase or afterwards.

APP is a program conceptually based on the applications that incorporate the performance and aesthetic of smartphones and tablets. With this project, Arch. Fumagalli has developed versatile solutions for integration that improve functional quality and personalize existing kitchens.

The program is composed of a series of heterogeneous elements, from hanging cabinets to bases and columns, for the kitchen and the living area, produced in metal and melamine. Accessories connected with the functions and actions performed in these spaces, the APPs are assistants that make it possible to do activities that characterize life in the kitchen and the living area: heating, organizing, air purification, cooking, storage, washing, working.

This contemporary and innovative vision was developed in the dialogue on creativity with Mauro Padula, photographer, food stylist and food blogger, author of cookbooks (including Whoopie! and Cheesecake!), an enthusiastic, curious experimenter, like the clients targeted by the projects of Fumagalli (also the designer of the restyling of the Berloni showroom).

For Padula, the kitchen is a place to be personalized, to design in an open way, leaving the potential for expansion. Because people change and the kitchen changes with them.

An interdisciplinary conversation to find coincidences between the latest frontiers of design applied to the kitchen and the passions and new usage trends of the Instagram generation.

The wines sampled during the event were Petruccino and Guardiavigna by Podere Forte (, made with grapes harvested completely by hand, parcel by parcel, repeatedly covering the same vineyard rows in search of a perfect state of ripeness.

Photos Saverio Lombardi Vallauri




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From left, Marco Fumagalli, Federico De Cesare Viola, Mauro Padula
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Marco Fumagalli
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Federico De Cesare Viola
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Mauro Padula