At this session of Design Meets Food, Milan Meets the World (at the Arclinea showroom at Corso Monforte 28), the two speakers were the paper designer Francesca Meana and the food designer Fabrizio Sansoni.

The conversation – which focused on the relationship between concepts of content, form and function – was prompted by questions from the moderator, while the two designers demonstrated how they make their respective ‘specialties.’

Interpreting the concept of Good Design as formulated by Bruno Munari, Francesca Meana prepared a series of boxes containing a gift for the participants (frozen yogurt with bitter orange glaze created by Sansoni). The boxes can be reused as trays or vases. Fabrizio Sansoni, in real time, filled a large quantity of Sicilian mini-cannoli with tuna tartare seasoned with oranges.

In fact, oranges were the leitmotif of the evening, as part of all the delicacies prepared by Sansoni: besides the above-mentioned treats, there were ricotta mousse with orange zest, Lebanese tabbouleh with citrus variation, and Fassona beef boulette with orange-scented mustard.


Photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri