“The senses grant us access to the world, they have a memory and through them we choose and decide what we like or do not like; with the senses we get in touch with everything we are aware of, and they are continuously interacting with each other. The complex thing is to monitor what is happening, to translate stimuli into concepts that can be conveyed in new, beautiful and functional proposals.”

These were the words of Alberto Lievore in his encounter with Andrea Berton at the Arper showroom, on the theme of the senses. Just as for Lievore the senses are the material of the projects of the studio of which he is a part (Lievore Altherr Molina), so for Berton they are a part of his 360° work.

Creating the desire to experience and offering the sense of taste always unexpected, surprising sensations, as happens in the invention of the Tutto Brodo (all broth) menu, using quality ingredients, taking full advantage of their virtues.

All of which is always paired with the aesthetic of the beautiful serving, using tableware of particular forms which Berton, a chef-ambassador of Expo, likes to design in collaboration with a ceramist from Apulia.

The wines sampled during the evening were Lugana San Benedetto Doc and Amarone Classico della Valpolicella by Zenato (www.winelandscape.com)


Photos Saverio Lombardi Vallauri



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From left, Andrea Berton, Antonella Galli, Alberto Lievore
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Alberto Lievore
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Andrea Berton